Featured Artists

Being an active member of the local community is 100% part of the Bean Yard’s mission. Along with participating in local events and supporting local non-profits during our monthly pop ups, we find local artists in Utah and feature their art in our meeting rooms. We invite you to come in, check out the art and see what local creatives are up to in the valley.



Travis Bone (aka Furturtle), is an illustrator, designer of graphics, screen-printer, and werewolf. He started Furturtle Show Prints in 2004 because of his love of music and making things.

He was born, raised, and currently lives in Utah. As a stereotypical Utahan; he loves the outdoors, practices lycanthropy, and when traveling, strangers ask him how many wives he has.


Hannah Bleak

Hannah majored in art with an emphasis in Graphic Design against the will of her painting professors, who said she was a "sell out" for that decision. It's a shame we can't please everyone.

Since graduating in 2015, she has been working in the fine art and graphic design world, doing everything from painting portraits to full branding and design.