Committed to the future of coffee

Drinking Coffee Doing Good

Why farm to cup?

Farm to cup coffee. It's not just a buzzword, it's our commitment to ethical coffee sourcing. We're all about ensuring that the hardworking farmers and pickers who turn coffee seeds into your favorite morning brew get their fair share. From high-altitude coffee farms to your kitchen, every step in the coffee journey is a labor of love. And we're here to make sure that every step of the way, from the coffee farm to your cup, is as fair as our delicious, sustainably sourced coffee.

All about the Journey

From the wild heart of nature to your morning mug, we're all about keeping coffee's journey real and sustainable. Because we know that coffee doesn't just teleport into our cups. It's a ride - one we're committed to making as sustainable as possible.

Direct Trade partnership

We're not just about brewing the good stuff. We're about brewing good, period. That's why we're pumping 10% of our profits back into the heart of our coffee's journey. We're teaming up with E-Cafe to fuel community education centers right on their farms and keep the lights on at Ichthus Academy. Because to us, sustainability isn't just about the planet, it's about the people. And the future of green? It's written in textbooks and chalkboards.